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Choreographer and Teacher 

         Alongside being a performer, Dalton also has a career in choreographing and teaching. He's been honored to work with many different theater companies and schools, choreographing fully produced musicals, running long term dance intensives, and teaching specialty masterclasses. Dalton also works as a private instructor for many students where he helps them improve their technique, reach their personal dance goals, and prepare for auditions. Dalton works with students of all ages and backgrounds and is available for online zoom bookings at anytime. He specializes in musical theater, jazz, and ballet and is willing to help you with any and all of your dance needs. 

*For business inquiries and or private dance consultations visit the contact page to reach out!

Last year, Dalton's production of Young Frankenstein at Marin School of the Arts was nominated for Best Musical at the Rita Moreno California High School Musical Honor Awards and also received the Fan Favorite AwardYou can watch the cast's performance from the competition HERE

Choreography Reel

Teaching Reel

Dalton's most recent project was choreographing Cabaret at Marin School of the Arts!

Screen Shot 2024-01-12 at 9.25.23 PM.png

"Not Enough for Me" Choreographed by Dalton Bertolone

"He also always had a great attitude that was infectious, always making the dance room a fun and happy place to be. He made his choreography challenging while not being impossible for first time dancers. He broke everything down and made sure to work at a comfortable pace for the class he had. But he didn't let you off the hook either. He wanted you to be the best you could and encouraged us to push ourselves as much as we could."

             - Charlotte Bridant 

"He is very energetic and engaging, so students find it fun to learn from him. He has a certain vibe about him, that makes students want to get the dances correct."

       - Lilly Genoviesse


"He gives personal notes when he is working with many students at once. In one on one lessons he makes goals with his students and incorporates them in his lesson plan. He advises us on things we should do every day to improve our dance. He is an amazing dance teacher."

        - Cecelia Brenner

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