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Meet Dalton

       Originally from Santa Rosa, California, Dalton grew up performing in community theaters around the Bay Area and becoming as active in the performing arts as he could. Eventually, his love for theatre led him to Connecticut where he received a BFA in Music Theatre from the Hartt School of Music, Dance, and Theatre. Dalton's career as a professional musical theater performer has led him all over the country performing at numerous regional theaters as well as around the world on a variety of cruise ships. Dalton currently resides in New York City and when he isn’t performing he can be found working as a dance teacher, choreographer, or personal assistant.

       Outside of performing, Dalton's hobbies include personal organizing, event planning and cleaning. He has a deep love for order and structure and loves nothing more than a good spreadsheet and a to-do list. He also has a strong passion for all things superheroes. He will never miss the opening day of a Marvel film and could talk about fan theories for hours! Dalton was raised on Harry Potter and The Lord of The Rings and blames them for his crazy imagination and desire to have magical powers. If you ever want to start a conversation, just ask Dalton what his favorite superhero is! 


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